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Issue #6

Howdy 🤠

Welcome to the next issue of my Newsletter. I hope everything is good on your side. I have another portion of great Android stuff for you today 😁

What’s in this issue? Let’s find out!

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  1. Caches Everywhere
  2. Testing Kotlin coroutines on Android
  3. Alternatives to Idling Resources in Compose tests
  4. How can I debug recompositions in Jetpack Compose?
  5. Architecture MAD Skills series wrap up

1) If you are working with a Gradle build you have likely heard term cache used many times. In this article Aurimas Liutikas explains different types of caches you can find on GitHub actions, Gradle and Android Studio.

🔗  Caches Everywhere

2) Unit testing code that uses Coroutines requires some extra attention, as their execution can be asynchronous and happen across multiple threads. A few issues back I sent you a tool that you can test Coroutines with. This time Google shares with us how to use a coroutines-test library from JetBrains. It’s a pitty we waited so long for it, but it’s still worth reading 😄

🔗  Testing Kotlin coroutines on Android

3) In this article, Jose Alcérreca tells us how to use the waitUntil test API in Compose to wait for certain conditions to be met.

🔗  Alternatives to Idling Resources in Compose tests

4) Compose makes a lot of things easier, but sometimes it’s not ideal. I struggled with it many times and I’m sure you will too. How to overcome these situations and fix your problems? Most of the time you have to debug 🐞. In this article Vinay Gaba explains the basics of debugging recompositions in Compose.

🔗  How can I debug recompositions in Jetpack Compose?

5) Like I said before, I don’t fully agree with what Google says and recommends, for example how they want you to keep UI Events along with the whole screen state in one data class (for example in one StateFlow) BUT most of what they say is pretty useful so I would still recommend checking out the wrap of the whole Architecture MAD Skills Series 🤪

🔗  Architecture MAD Skills series wrap up

Thanks for being here and I hope you have a great rests of the week!

See you next time, Patryk

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