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Issue #4

Organizing modules, Compose modifiers, and Kotlin Flow operators 🌊

Happy Easter! βœ‹

Hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Today I won’t take a lot of your time, so this will be just a quick update.

Here we go:

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  1. Architecture: Organizing modules - MAD Skills
  2. Composed modifiers in Jetpack Compose
  3. Slope-intercept library design
  4. 9 Useful Kotlin Flow Operators You Need to Know
  5. Android App Hacking Workshop from Google

1) Another episode from Google is here. In this one you’ll hear how Google recommends you to organize modules in your projects:

πŸ”— Architecture: Organizing modules - MAD Skills

2) Sure, Compose is easy and simple to use, but sometimes you have to write custom modifiers for styling your composables. Do you know how β€œcomposed” modifier can be used for that? If not, have a look here:

πŸ”— Composed modifiers in Jetpack Compose

3) Jake Wharton writes about slope interception form in a few libraries, comparing the design, complexity and impact on the project.

πŸ”— Slope-intercept library design

4) If you’re not using flow in your apps yet, you should definitely start doing it! Using flow is especially neat if you have some form of caching in your app. Here you’ll find the most common and useful operators on Flow. If you already know RxJava then this should be straightforward to you πŸ˜„.

πŸ”— 9 Useful Kotlin Flow Operators You Need to Know

5) Google has collaborated with industry partners including HackerOne and PayPal to host a number of Android App Hacking Workshops. These workshops are an effort designed to educate security researchers and cybersecurity students of all skill levels on how to find Android application vulnerabilities through a series of hands-on working sessions.

πŸ”— Android App Hacking Workshop

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. Happy easter again and see you next week! 🐣

Best, Patryk

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