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Issue #10

ProGuard vs DexGuard, testing Android notifications and conferences 👨‍🏫

Hi there! ✋

Long time no see (or read 😄 ). I was pretty busy lately with personal things and overall life, so didn’t have much time. But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you! I’m back 😎

Here’s what I have for you in this issue:

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  1. KotlinConf’23 Amsterdam
  2. Droidcon Berlin '22 summary
  3. ProGuard with James Hamilton
  4. Creating reliable tests for Android notifications

1) KotlinConf is coming back! It will take place in Amsterdam on 12th-14th of April next year (2023). Be sure to check it out and make sure you’re there if you like what is coming to be there!

🔗  KotlinConf’23 Amsterdam

2) Summary from this year’s Droidcon Berlin conference by Michał Tajchert. Nice article to read if you wanna have a short info about every talk this year.

🔗  Droidcon Berlin '22 summary

3) If you ever shipped an Android App to production, you probably know about ProGuard, a tool to optimize, shrink and obfuscate your Java/Kotlin code. In this podcast James Hamilton tells us about how it works internally and why you should never forget to enable it in your builds.

🔗  ProGuard with James Hamilton

4) Notifications are a very important part of Android apps, showing relevant information, informing when the user needs to take action and even not letting them losing appointments. But how to test them? Igor presents a few ways of doing that.

🔗  Creating reliable tests for Android notifications

That’s it for today, hope you liked it. See you in a few days! 👊

Best, Patryk

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